Beardilizer Cherry Pipe Tobacco Beard Oil

IMG_1553Always liking to win things and get something for free I entered a competition run by Andreas over at he is very active on twitter (@ratemybeard) and Instagram (@freeradical66) and runs regular competitions.

Beardilizer is a company from the USA, they are mostly known for their “Beard Growth” Formula brand of products, which I would personally avoid as they appear to be highly priced vitamins for the most part and my beard doesn’t need much help in that department. They have started to do Beard Oils, and it was for a bottle of this that I had entered.

After I entered I got some feedback that some people have had issues with Beardilizer products, with burns and damage to beards being reported. I thought well I probably won’t win but thanks for the heads up.

I did win though, and after a few days I received a large (120ml) plastic bottle of Beardilizer Cherry Pipe Tobacco Beard Oil.

With the previous warning still ringing in my head I approached this carefully. I read the ingredients, I could see nothing nefarious there. I goggled and read reviews, there was nothing there that worried me either.

I decided before splashing it all over my beard, I would take one more precaution, in deference to the warning I was given, I did a patch test on my arm. There was a slight tingle on application which went away almost immediately. I waited, there was no reaction. I was ready to try it on my beard.

The first thing I noticed was the bottle top, it was a disc cap, similar to some shampoo bottles. I’d never seen this on beard oil before and I found it a quick and convenient way to dispense the oil.

Once I had a few drops in my hand I could see that the oil had a good viscosity, thick but not greasy. It looked like the kind of oil that would absorb well but still coat the hair, exactly what I look for and what my beard needs.

Before I applied the oil I took a deep breath to get a good nose-full of the fragrance. I like it, it is a warm almost menthol like cherry smell, with no negative smoky smell that you might have expected from having tobacco in the name. It smells very much like a throat soother. I can see some people not liking this, but I do. It is a very different smell and it conjures images of warm fires and cosy nights in. I foresee using this a lot in the winter months.

Application of the oil was easy, it got through to my skin and my beard absorbed it nicely, it did not seem to coat the hair as much as I was expecting from the feel of it, and my beard felt drier than after application of other oils. The tingling sensation I noticed on my patch test was also present, along with slight warmth. Again this dissipated within a few seconds of application and no further reaction was noticed, I can only imagine this to be something in the ratio of essential oil to carrier oil, especially with the eucalyptus oil present, which although slightly worrying at first was not an issue, people with more sensitive skin than myself may find they have a stronger reaction – please be aware.

The scent of the oil stayed on the beard for most of the day, even though, as is usually the case, my nose became accustomed to it, I could still smell it if I brushed my beard against my shoulder or agitated the scent in another way. My other half was also able to smell it hours after when she came home from work.

In summary this oil feels nice and has a very pleasant scent. However I can see some people not liking the warm tingle on application or the scent. I use this oil once or twice a week depending on the scent I’m looking for that day. I would happily try the other scents in this range Island Coconut Rum, Dirty South Bacon, Lumbar Jack Cedar Leaf, Sandalwood and Ol’ Cowboy Leather.

Unfortunately I have only seen this on sale online from the USA, the UK site doesn’t have this or the other newer scents.  The oil is also only sold in 120ml sizes, so the cost is high (especially when you add in international shipping for non US customers) but it will last a LONG time.

I would recommend this if you are looking for a good beard oil with new and unusual scents.

  • Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Parfum, Grape Seed Oil, Black Castor Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil,
  • Smell: Cherry Menthol
  • Viscosity: Thick but fluid
  • Absorption: Absorbs quickly into the beard and onto the skin. Slight warmth when applied.
  • Price: 120ml – $23.99 (plus postage)
  • Available from:
  • Rating: 3.5/5
Beardilizer Cherry Pipe Tobacco Beard Oil

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